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Science fiction drama.

More info: Click bunny for pitch deck.

The Dodo Man

The saga of the last dodo.

Awards: Finalist Ron Howard & Brian Glazer’s Imagine Impact.

Tom, Huck & Twain

Psychological fantasy based on the work of Mark Twain.

Awards: UCLA Advanced Screenwriting class, tutor Sy Gomberg.


Fantasy based on the short stories of Ray Bradbury.

Awards: A special personalized autograph here.

Blood Royal

The brief and tragic reign of the last Anglo-Saxon king. Co-written with eminent historian, Mark Ellis.

Awards: Quarter-finalist WOTS 2007; website here.

Arc of the Phoenix

A survivor from the long-lost scoutship ‘Dark Star’ returns to Earth and is drafted on a terrifying new mission.

Awards: Let’s have some music in here, Boiler.

The Girl Who Came Out of the Ceiling

Animated fantasy short, produced by Reinout Goddyn, based on Claude Debussy’s Rhapsodie pour Clarinette et Orchestre.

Awards: Reality stops here.

Hypernauts: Cold Comfort

After a Triiad attack damages the Star Rover’s water resources, the hypernauts seek refuge on a mysteriously frozen planet.

Awards: Commission for Ron Thornton’s half-hour Saturday morning sci-fi TV show; produced as Episode 3, ‘Ice Bound.’

The Glitch

An insomniac’s night-life takes on another dimension.

Awards: Opening film and and best science fiction nominee at DragonCon ’08. Finalist BAFTA/LA Short Film Festival.



I am the Ice Master of Kelvin.