For Flash

The Flashfilms mascot, my dog Flash, passed away March, 2006, aged nearly 16 years old.

This is my tribute to him, a nearly-five-minute musical montage using a song that became Flashy’s theme song, for obvious reasons.

Rest in peace, old pal.

For Flash (2006)
DV / Super 8, run time: 4:51
MY RAVE REVIEWSFor_Flash_files/Flashtooob.jpg

For Bella

Flashy’s girlfriend, Bella, passed away March, 2012, just after her 15th birthday.

It was hard to top my video for Flash, but I knew I had to make a little tribute for her, too, so I finally came up with this.

Rest in peace, little girl.

For Bella (2013)
DV / HD, run time: 3:50