The following was deemed ‘blatant advertising’ and got me banned at an online encyclopedia where I submitted this as my ‘username’ info. Not sure what they thought I was selling, but I’m offering this potted history here as an explanation of where Flashfilms came from:

‘Flashfilms’ is the name I adopted for my production company in 2004, when I started dabbling in digital media. ‘Flash’ was my dog, a daffy dobie/shepherd mix. Before Flashfilms, I worked under the name ‘Dangerous Visions’ borrowed from a collection of speculative fiction short stories edited by the writer Harlan Ellison working on Super 8 and 16mm film in England in the 1980s. My Super 8s won awards with the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers[1], and my first 16mm film, Board Game, won top prize in Showreel 86, The Radio Times Film and Video Awards, presented by film director Alan Parker on BBC Television in 1986[2]. That led to Dogplant, a short film starring Richard Hope and Georgina Hale, which I wrote and directed for Picture Palace Productions’ Four Minutes series[3], first aired on Channel 4 Television in 1988.

My career has included work in film-editing, animation, miniatures, digital effects, special effects and creature effects in London and Los Angeles[4]. In 1998, I branched out into journalism, writing for Cinefantastique and other magazines in print and online. Since 2001, I've been writing full-time for Cinefex magazine, where I have covered the making of around 140 feature films[5]. I still pursue my own filmmaking and creative writing. My short The Glitch was opening film and ‘best science fiction’ runner-up at the 2008 Dragon Con Independent Film Festival[6] and was a Saturday Shorts selection at Ain’t It Cool News[7]. In 2014, I co-authored Titan Books' publication about the Planet of the Apes franchise[8], and I have provided commentaries for Blu-ray releases including Jaws[9], When the Wind Blows[10] and Zardoz[11]. A new short is coming soon[12].

  1. *Flashfilms guarantee: No Wikipedia links were harmed in the making of this webpage.